Lights, Sound and Motion: Exploring the Structure of the Carousel

I chose to focus on the remaining wooden carousels in existence within New York.  I've started with the Prospect Park Carousel in Brooklyn and the Central Park Carousel in Manhattan.  As of Fall 2017, I embarked on a few more carousels: the Greenport, NY Carousel on Long Island and the Hudson River Park Carousel, on Pier 62 in Manhattan. The ornate decorations on a carousel and the mechanical nature of the structure draw visitors, young and old, to the space. The energy of a carousel ride creates a unique experience that enables the rider to forget the world and any worries for those few short minutes and enjoy the lights, music and movement of each horse, feeling the breeze as they spin around, in essence, creating a sense of mindfulness.  Many of the carousels were built and hand-carved in Brooklyn.  I want to bring back this meaning to the community, portraying the shared experiences.  I seek to fulfill my vision of bringing together the community to regain a sense of peacefulness, when nothing was wrong, when life seemed to be simple, and the act of riding a carousel or watching its movement was enchanting.  Each part of the carousel took work to build and to continue to maintain.  The community is part of this amazing piece of history and we can partake in its beauty and enjoyment together.